Charleston Half Moon Charters

Fishing Charter Rates​

Rates for fishing charters rates are listed below for half(4 hours), three-quarters(6 hours), and full day charters(8 hours).Rate are based on three anglers. There is an additional charge for parties of 4 anglers.  Payment for trips can be made with cash, debit or credit card through PayPal. The captain will determine if the weather is safe for fishing due to the need to insure the safety of all on board.

TimePriceNo of People
4 Hours
1-3 people
6 Hours
1-3 people
8 Hours
1-3 people

*4th person $50 extra

Fishing licenses, bait, tackle, ice, bottled water are included. ​

We can be reached by email at or at 843-991-2682.  Any need for additional information will receive a prompt response.